Ways to impress your gf in bed

If you want to build strong bond with your companion and have a healthy and abundant sex life, you need to look for ways to impress her. Don’t just sit on your hands, start taking active steps in order to make her satisfied with you and your technique.

Actions to take

First, watch some porn with famous top pornstars in it. See how men act like alpha-males, possessing the females and taking full control over their bodies. That’s what you need to do with your damsel. You need to get more assertive with her.

Second, consider reading some articles and watching some videos on cunnilingus techniques. It’s known that you can gift your sweetheart with amazing orgasms, working your fingers and tongue.

Third, you need to pay attention to all erogenous zones on her body, and her breasts and vagina.

Caress her butt, kiss the back of her neck, press on her shoulders. Make her feel that you are all over her body.

This will give her unforgettable feelings and make her get off real hard with your dick inside her pussy!